Solar LED Lantern

The lantern is an emergency light which gives light equal to an 8W CFL bulb. It is portable, lightweight, sturdy lamp and looks like a traditional lantern.

Uses Latest Li-ion Battery Technology
3 Years Battery Life
Long life 10 years
4 hrs - 18 hrs back-up
Models: 1W, 2W, 3W, 3W with dimming
Warranty: 1 year


Strong ABS + Po Body
Mode : High, Low, Blinking
111mm Focous reflectorHigh Focous 2 Km Range
LED : 10W LED Side Light & Torch
Battery : 6v 5.5Ah, Op. Time : 6hrs(H), 12Hrs(B) 10Hrs(L)
Warranty : 1 year
MRP : 1890/-